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Share market

After the imposition of Lockdown, people have entered very fast in the share market. Because the job of the people in lockdown was lost.

People were free and they were not getting any new jobs due to lockdown. People who had jobs either lost their jobs or were not going out of the house due to lockdown.

In such a situation, people were searching for an alternative income source, so that people can earn some money without leaving the house. In such a situation, they got a good option in the share market.

He liked the share market for two reasons, first people can do it without taking out from home and second people can earn a lot of money from it.

This is why a lot of new people entered the share market. Today’s article is for the same new people who make a lot of mistakes as soon as they come in the stock market.

Today I will tell you about the mistakes that do the new investors. If you read this article carefully then your money will never be lost in the share market.

Hello friends, I am Manish Patel. Today we will know the 5 big mistakes that beginners do. If you will know those mistakes, then you can become a successful investor. So let’s start. 

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1. Investing in a company without investigation: 

Many people hear the story of some successful people and invest money in the share market, which is not right.

If someone’s friends or their relatives have earned money from the stock market, then we invest money in the share market just by looking at their success. Maybe they have lost a lot of money behind this success.

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Share market

If it was so easy to earn money from the stock market, then Reliance or Amazon would not have to work so hard to double their money. They have no need to keep a lot of employees for this.

If there was a trick to make money from the stock market, then big companies would hire a good expert and can earn a lot of money without hard work.

But you must have seen that even millions of employees of the big companies work days and nights to earn profits so that he can earn profits. So you will not come to the stock market for the hope that it can make rich overnight.

2. Taking the share market as a full-time job:  

A regular income from the share market can be generated, this thinking is wrong. You should never keep thinking that now we have collected 1000-5000 dollars, now I can quit the job and earn money from the stock market.

it can be dangerous to you. The stock market cannot always give us profit. This benefits us in an irregular manner.

Some year we can get a lot of profit, then some year we will not have any profit. Sometimes it also happens that all the money invested in your stock market sinks in no time.

Therefore, if you are dependent on the stock market or it has to make your only source of income, then you are making a big mistake.

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3. Dreaming of getting rich in a short time:

 Is it easy to earn money from the stock market?  No, it is not easy at all. If it was easy to earn money from the stock market, then the whole world would be doing the same.

It is easy to learn but it takes years of hard work in it to make a successful trader. If you took training from somewhere or took good information about it by watching videos from anywhere, then even it will take you years to earn money from it.

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Share market

A cricketer, despite being trained by a good coach, has to practice a lot by himself so that he can become a good cricketer. A good coach cannot make you like him in only 10-15 days.

For this, you will have to practice for many years. Therefore, you too can become a successful investor only if you are constantly engaged in it for some time.

Think about how you can make a profit from the share market, you have to find such a company that is going to do well in the future. After this, if you buy the shares of those companies, then you will never lose in the future. But this is as difficult a task as starting a profitable business for yourself.

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4. Quick trust on others: 

New traders believe their words very quickly, which tells them that this company will do very well in the future and we come in his words and buy the stock of that company but later we lose.

If anyone says to you that this company is very good and you buy the stock of that company without investigating it, then you are making a big mistake.

I am not saying that your friends or relatives are saying wrong to you, but maybe what they are telling them is wrong.

There are many companies whose shares are going to be reduced in the future, they may be sending this news to you by those people. So that you can buy their shares and they saved from loss in the future.

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5. Check daily price movement:  

When new people come in this market, they see the movement of their share price daily. this is wrong. This only creates tension and nothing else.

One thing you have to understand is that there is profit in the stock market but in an irregular way. Sometimes the graph will come down, sometimes it will go up. If you repeatedly check your share price movements, you will definitely be stressed. I will tell you again that the share market is for wealth creation not for active income.


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