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Friends of today’s article I want to share with who are interested in online educator jobs. My friends, a lot of things have gone online today. Whether it is either industries or online classes or the work of an online office.
In today’s era, technology has become so fast that if you have basic knowledge of the internet, then you can make money from home by slove the students’ problems at home from the online class.
In this article, I will try to understand why you need to do online classes.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
Friends, today is 4.5 billion active users of the internet in the world. You can guess that 90 per cent of students in total students are attending classes online. The development of e-learning for kids is 25 per cent of every year.
First, try to understand why it is growing so much? Its biggest region is awareness. Whenever students want to learn some of the things, they will search for quality education platforms.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
Suppose that if a student lives in a village, he will not be able to go to a good teacher. So in such a way, he joins online classes. From where he gets quality education easily.
According to a survey, an average of 2 hours of data consumption on every student’s online classes. There are lots of teachers who are earning millions of dollars from online classes by recognizing the opportunities.
There are two ways to make money from online classes.
1. By selling your course.
2. Join online educational platforms.
I am going to tell you these two ways very well

1. By selling your course : 

Friends, if you have some experience in teaching, you can earn a lot of money by selling your knowledge.
There is a lot of platforms from which you can sell your knowledge.
The popular platform from these is youtube. Which is bound to exist in today’s time with every Internet user.

From YouTube : 

First of all, you open a channel of yourself on youtube. It is easy to open the youtube channel.
After that, you keep uploading a video daily. You do not need a professional camera to create videos. If you want you can use your mobile camera. Very good videos can be made from today’s mobile.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
After making videos, you should have a unique name for your youtube channel. The one on which you keep putting daily videos.
You keep sharing your videos with your students. If you want, you can share the videos in the students’ WhatsApp group. If your video is too easy, then students will have more time to watch your videos.

From live classes :

This work is very easy for children who take higher education, or those who study in the institute, or the teacher who teaches in their institutes.
The teacher can combine all the batches of your coaching to introduce one live class. The live class is the most popular on youtube.
The teacher can save himself a lot of time in this method.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
It would be amazing to know that in 2016 there were 1.6 million students on the e-learning platforms and they increased above 10 million students in 2020.
You can also sell your course on youtube. The sales of the educative course are very high. If you used to take 100 $ in offline teaching, you get 10-50 $ in online classes, then still you will earn more money by offline classes.
The volume of the cookie online class or reach is more and more children buy your course. You know that the more volume will be the more course selling.

From your own website : 

You can bring your curse to your own website. Like you own a youtube channel, you have to create your own website. Creating a website is too simple. There is a lot of platforms from where you can make your website easily and in a very short time.
WordPress.com and blogger.com are such platforms from where you can create your website in simple steps.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
You can earn millions of dollars on it by posting your pad course. If you get the approval of Google Adsense on your website, then you will start earning extra money.

2. Join online learning platforms : 

If you open one of your education channels on youtube, you do not any earning in the beginning.
As long as 1 subscriber and 4k HRS watch time is not complete on your channel, till then you can not do earning from your youtube channel. You will lose more time in finishing these conditions.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
The educational channel does not even have a good view in the starting time of which could lead to earning.
Its solutions are that until your channel is grown, you can join an education platform as a teacher and you can earn good money from this platform.
I tell you two such platforms from where you can earn more money.

Join unacademy platform : 

My friend unacademy is the largest educated platform of India where you can find good teachers to teach every kind of subject here this facility is available for 24×7 hrs.
To join the unacademy platform you have to download the app from Google play store. When you open the app, you will get the signup option that you complete first.
In the next step, you can complete the required allow section.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
Now you can capture the photo of  Notes of the subject you want to teach from your mobile camera. Your notes should be attractive.
After this, upload a demo video of 3 minutes of the subject you want to read. Verify the demo video you uploaded to the Unacademy’s team. After this, you are approved by their team.
If for any reason, your demo video is rejected, the reason is told by their team. You can solve your problem from those reasons and upload the video demo video again. You are given a chance to total 15 times.

Join vedantu.com : 

Friends, Vedantu such an educational platform where millions of students are connected all the time. From here, they find solutions to all your problems very easily.
There are many teachers who are making good money by teaching this platform online. If you wish, you can earn money by connecting this platform.
If you want to teach online from Vedantu, you can search Vedantu.com at Google
After this, a new tab opens on this site. From where you click on the Become a Teacher option, then you can fill the form provided by Vedantu.
online educator jobs
online educator jobs
After this, you have to fill the form form provided by Vedantu. Friends, you can teach any subject and any class as you want.

After filling the form you have to need to make a demo video of any subject you want to teach then upload it to your profile.

Your video will be verified by the team. After everything is correct, your profile is approved by the team inside one week.

Friends, whatever money you make comes directly to your bank account.

Summary :
Friends, there are such many platforms where you can make your own profile and earn a huge amount of money. That is,
Akash tutorial
Tutorvista.com   etc.


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