How to make money from the app with your mobile phone.

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Do you know how to make money from the app, then this article is best for you. Because I am going to tell you some ways that you have to use your mobile phone and you can easily make money from the app.

How to make money from app
earn money from the app

My motive is to tell you some tips and tricks that are as profitable for you. I am going to tell you 11 ways that you can make money online free.

There are two ways to earn money on the internet.

# Short term method:  In this method, you download some applications in which you play games or online survey to make money.

There is not much in this, but if you want, you can earn money from 10 dollars to 100 dollars.

# Long term method:  In this, you have to work hard. There are many applications that pay according to your skill. If you spend some of your time on this application then you can make money millions of dollars in a short time.

I will tell you about money earning apps in which you can earn money according to yourself.

Short term earning App.

1.swagbucks:  This is a survey website. You can open the survey with your browser.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

In this, you have to answer some questions. Which gives you money in return.  Don’t worry, the answer given by you can not be wrong in it.

2.Google opinion reward:  It is also an online survey app that has been created by Google. In this,  you can make money by doing an online survey. In this, there is no criterion of a daily survey.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

Sometimes the survey is done on it.  For this, you have to check the Daily Google Opinion Rewards app or you can keep the notification turned on. So you get a message on your mobile. If you want, you can download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play Store.

3.Fantasy game app:  As the name itself suggests, this is a gaming app. If you are a fan of games then you can earn money by playing games for free.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

By the way,  you must be playing the daily game. So why you do not play games that can earn some money.

4.MPL:  MPl is a gaming app, through which you can work a lot of money in it by playing a game, sitting at your home. You got to see MPL’s advertisements in many places such as TV on YouTube on Facebook and Instagram. The brand ambassador and promoter of this app is our favourite cricketer Virat Kohli.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

Many people waste their precious time by playing games on mobile and they do not get any benefit, only our time is spent and through this, we are able to entertain. But if you want then you can also make money by playing games on MPL. All you have to do is play your favourite game on your mobile.

5.Hago app:  To earn money from the Hago App, you must first play in the game in which the coins are made, only then you will get coins, in this game you have to play 100 games by bidding 100 coins and the opponent also by bidding 100 or 200 coins. After that, you will be as much as playing the game. After that all those coins become yours. And you can recharge your mobile by exchanging the coin from it.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

Note: In the review, people also believe that it gives money, some people believe that it does not give.  That is why you must try this app once. But in the hago app, you can play games and collect coins, chatting can do everything. And as the point increases, you can participate in its ongoing giveaway competition.

6.Paytm first game:  Friends Paytm is used to sending money to him. You must have been using Paytm for a long time. By the way, there is a lot of ways to make money from Paytm.

Which of them is the new way Paytm Gaming? Yes, Paytm has added a gaming feature from which you can make money from the app by playing games.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

You can also make money from the app by referring Paytm First Games to your friends.

You also get the option of a Spin here, you can earn a lot of money by doing a Spin here.

In All Game Option, you will get to play all games.  Which you can earn money by playing.

Long term earnings App.

7.meesho App:  This is 100 per cent genuine App. You can check its rating by going to the play store. It has a rating of 4.5 and 10 million downloads on the Play Store. If you don’t know about Meesho App then I’ll tell basic about it.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

It is a reselling App. In which you can earn money by selling a product. You can contact a company for products in which the company gives you the products at its own rate and you can sell products according to your rate.

In this, you can share the link of your products on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any social media platforms to your friends. If someone buys something from the link provided by you then the company gives you a commission on those products.

Friends, this app is a generic app, that’s the way then its rating and download are growing so fast.

8.shop101: Friends Shop 101 app is a reselling app. That is, this app is designed to sell goods. Nearly 5 lakh products are uploaded to Shop 101 stores. If you want to do business with this store. So you can take goods for free from here and add it to your store. Apart from this, you can fix the price of the product of your store according to you.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

After this, the actual price of the product sold from your store will go to the bank account of Shop 101. And you will be transferred to your bank account by Shop 101, your margin money (the price of the product which you will increase by selling). In this way, you will be able to earn money online without investing at home. Friends, you must have known about many such apps from which you can earn money.  One of them is also an app from which you earn a lot of money is

Earlier the services were available in limited quantity on the OLX. But as his popularity increased, so did the scope of earning money from it.

Olx is a market place where anyone can sell their old stuff.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

But do you know that you can also earn money by starting your own business with olx? All types of old items are available on OLX like Fashion, Books, Bikes, Home Appliance, Mobiles, Electronics & Computer, Cars, Real State.

You buy all these categories of goods at the cheapest price and after that sell them to a fixed customer by increasing the price slightly.

OLX marketplace has many data entry, BPO, Sales Marketing, IT, and much full time, part-time jobs.  If you want, you can do the job according to your skills and earn money from it.  Or if you want to sit at home and earn money from OLX.  So you can select Data Entry or Sales Marketing Job and contact your Job Provider and order your project at home.

10.foap.comIf you also have a passion for taking photographs or you can take very good photos, you can earn a lot of money online from your photos.

You will also want that if you earn from the work that you like, then how good it is and  You will be able to do your favourite work in a better way. There are many websites online that want unique, natural photos for themselves.

how to make money from the app

If you also want to earn money by using this skill, then you can download the Foap app.  On this, you have to take and upload photos from your mobile.

After uploading, your photo will be rated in Foap Market.  And after that, your photos will be sold.  If your photo is sold for $ 10, you will get $ 5 and $ 5 FOAP.  And the number of times your photo will be sold, the number of times you will be earning. And you can earn any amount of 500 $, 1000 $ for a lifetime.

11.Rozdhan app You can earn very good money using the Rozdhan app.  This app is very reliable.  There are a lot of downloads at its play store.

First of all, you don’t have to do anything to earn first.  You will get a signup bonus of 25 rupees as soon as you sign up in it.  When you enter the referral code you will get 25 rupees more.

how to make money from the app
earn money from the app

On this app, you can read the news, play games, and earn Coins.  The price of 250 Coins is 1 rupee.  These Coins are converted at 12 o’clock at night.

You can earn 1500 coins by login, check-in in just one week.  The best way to earn money in this is to refer and earn.

You will get 1500 coins at every sign up when he reads the news.  And then on his activity 1000 coins meet the next day.

Its referral system is very good and you can earn a lot of money from it.  If you refer a friend and he downloads the app, then you have a lot of coins.

Its minimum redeem amount is 200 and you can transfer it to your Paytm Wallet in no time.


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