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How to make money from Instagram 

Today is the time of the Internet. The whole world is using the Internet at this time. In such a time, the chance to make money from the Internet also increases.
Make money from instagram
If you are thinking about making money in this digital age, then you have come to the right place. Today I will tell you about such a platform from which you can easily make money from Instagram in millions at home. Instagram is a platform from which you can earn a lot of money.

What is Instagram :

 Before that, you have to know what is Instagram and how to use it.

Instagram is a photos and videos sharing platform that is hosted by Facebook. Present time about 500 million monthly active users at Instagram. Instagram users suddenly increased in 2019-20. 
If you have an Android phone then you can easily download this application from Play store.

Then after you have to create an account on Instagram. You need a Gmail account to create an account on Instagram.

After completing the account, you will have to continuously share photos and videos on it. 
Your video and picture must be of high quality. So that viewers give a good response.

A good way to grow followers is to have a live chat at a fixed time continually. If you have about 1k to 5k followers then you have easily earn money from Instagram. For this, you have to read this article carefully.

 How do I  create an  Instagram account

First of all, you need to go to the google play store and search that for Instagram and install Instagram on your mobile phone.
Remember that you can also use Instagram on your computer or laptop. But in today’s post, we will teach you how to create Instagram accounts by mobile.
Click the install button to install Instagram on your phone. As soon as the Instagram app is downloaded to your mobile phone, you see the open button next to it. You must click that button.
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make money from instagram
make money from Instagram
After open the Instagram you have two option to login in it. first, you create your account from Facebook & second you create an account by Gmail. In this post, we’ll use your phone number, click the link below to create an account with a phone number or email id.
To create an account with the phone number you must enter your phone number and then click the next button.
On the next screen, you must enter your full name and select your Instagram id password and then click the next button.
You are now asked to connect your Facebook account to the next screen if you want you can do this step later, so you skip it for now.
Your Instagram account is almost ready. You can now follow another Instagram user. if you want to do later then you click the “next” button at the top.
You can add your profile photo to the next screen, skip this if you want to add your profile picture later.
You will now have an option to save your login information, such as your username and password. You can save it if you want so you don’t have to enter your username or password again and again.
now you can share your selfies and short videos with your friends on Instagram.
Upload sponsor post : 
 If you have good followers on Instagram, then you can do good earning by uploading sponsor videos and photos on your account. Nowadays people are using this idea and doing good earning.
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Make money from instagram
make money from Instagram

There is a lot of website from where you will get sponsor videos and photos.

I would suggest you do it on website. This is best for Instagram users.
Here you can create an account and take sponsor videos and photos.

First of all, you have to send a request for sponsor videos and photos on
Join Affiliate Marketing : 

Affiliate marketing is an online earning place from where you can earn money in millions. There are many such products, whose sales you can earn millions from your Instagram.
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Make money from instagram
There are many companies in it who search for a market to sell their products. In such a situation, the company searches for such users whose follower is very high. From where more and more people can know about their products.

To earn money from affiliate marketing on Instagram, you just have to share the affiliate link of the products along with the photo video of the products.

If someone buys something by clicking on the link given by you, then you get some percentage of the price of those products. According to my, affiliated program and are the best for you.

You can earn money with both these methods very easily.

Conclusion: Friends, here is to tell you how to earn money on Instagram.

 If you have a lot of followers, then you can earn extra money from your account by the sponsor or affiliate marketing. If you have any query and suggestions related to the way to earn money from Instagram then you must be a comment.


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