8 Important Tools How To Start Blogging Free By Phone?

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How to start blogging free
Blogging becomes very easy if you have a laptop or a PC then how to start a blog free. Blogging startup costs are very low. Today, almost all bloggers are using laptops for starting a blog. But what about those people who do not have laptops or PC. How can those people write their blogs? How can start a blog free?
Friends, You may be well aware that today’s startup cost of a business is high. But You can start blogging as a business with low startup costs. A lot of beginners use their mobile phones to create a blog. But he has to face many difficulties in writing his blog.
While blogging, there are many tasks that cannot be done from a smartphone. For example, if you want to customize the blog post template, then there is a lot of difficulty in doing this work from your mobile. There are many other blogging tasks that cannot be done from mobile.
If you are a blogger So you must be thinking that how to start a blog for free by using a mobile phone. If yes, then read this article completely. Friends, today I am going to tell you some applications that will make your blogging activity very easy and start blogging to make money.

1. Blogger :

The first app in this list apps is the blogger’s official app, Blogger Pro App. Friends, this is an app with a very simple interface that you can download from Google Play Store.
If whenever you write a blog, then you will be writing from the Chrome browser, from where you will face many difficulties. But if you use this app, you can view all your articles from the same Gmail account in just one click.
How to start blogging free
If you want, you can give titles, descriptions of your blog from here. You can write as many articles as you want without any problems using this application. You can also apply images for your blog very easily by using this application.

2. Writer :

This application is just like a computer notepad. From here you can write a long and good article for your blog. With this application, you can put both the headings or subheadings of your article together. If you want, you can insert a link to another website from here in your article.

How to start blogging free
Friends, this is best for people who are blogging now. Friends, with this application you can give a new design to your article.  You can make articles stylish by this.

3. Grammarly keyboard :

There are a lot of spelling mistakes from friends who are new bloggers. Due to which his blog does not rank quickly in Google. Friends help a lot in ranking spelling articles.

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How to start blogging free
This application is used by almost all bloggers in their articles to improve spelling mistakes. If you want, you can bring improvement in your articles without downloading this application. For this, you have to take the help of Google. You can also open it in a web browser.

4. Photo Editor :

Friends, this is a rmazing application. I have been using this application for a long time. This application name is Photo Editor. Through this application, you can edit photos for your articles very easily. You can create thumbnails for your videos by this. Friends, it gives so much convenience inside basic that you will not need any other application.
How to start blogging free
By the way, many applications are used for photo editing. But due to the lack of simple interface of all these applications, many bloggers spend a lot of their time editing photos. But the interface of this application is absolutely user friendly. With which you can do photo editing very easily in a very short time.

5. Google Keep :

Friends, this is such an application whose importers can only understand those who are blogging serially. Friends, who are bloggers, suddenly some idea comes in their mind that on which topics article should be written.
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How to start blogging free
Friends, a lot of people have this problem that sometimes they do not have any topics on which they can write articles. But whenever they go out for a walk, a lot of ideas start coming in their mind. If you have this application on your mobile at that time, then you can quickly write all those ideas in this application.

6. WordPress :

How to start blogging free
WordPress.com is undoubtedly the most popular blogging platform on the Internet. This app, made compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs as well as blogs hosted on WordPress, allows you to perform many essential tasks such as creating, editing and publishing blog posts, moderating comments, checking on analytics data as well as publishing photos or videos taken with the camera on your mobile phone.

7. Google Translate :

Friends, this is a great app provided by Google. If you are a beginner blogger then you need this application very much.

many bloggers like to write their articles in English or other languages. But because they do not have good English knowledge, they cannot write those languages.
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How to start blogging free
If you too are facing all these problems, then Google Translate is the best solution for you. Friends, it translates your local language into English or other languages very easily. There are many such facilities in which you can easily type your local language.
In this, you can write any words by speaking, by taking photos, by typing. If you want, you can copy and paste an article from other sources. There are many more features in it, which you will deed while writing the article.

8. QuickEdit :

Friends, a good theme is required to make any blog look good. If your theme is well customized, then your blog shows very attractively. Friends, you must be well aware that to customize the theme, we have to edit HTML code. With its help, you can easily edit your theme’s code.
How to start blogging free
If you are blogging, then you have to edit the HTML code of your theme again and again so that your blog can get a good look. But whenever you edit your HTML code, it does not happen easily. While doing this your mobile starts to hang. But friends, QuickEdit is an app that can overcome all these problems. You can cut and paste the HTML code of your theme in this application and then whatever you want to change in that code, you can do it very easily.
Summary :
Friends, a professional blogger has a good PC or a good laptop for blogging. With the help of which they customize any work very easily like theme customization or editing of HTML code etc.
But not all people have enough money to buy a good PC or laptop. But friend, the app that I told you about, is such an app for with the help of which you can make your blogging journey easy.


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