Best 11 Methods That Is Helping How To Create A Blog Free

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How to create free blog
How to create blog free

You are wondering how to create a blog free. you have not money to spend on domain names and hosting.  But, do you know starting a free blog and its easy?

How to Create a blog free

One of the best question for every beginner bloggers about blogging is that How to create blog free, While you can spend a lot of money on a custom domain name and a special website theme.

Follow these seven easy for a free blog 

Here are the seven steps. I am going to talk you through to create a blog for free:

1.Head to to start a blog for free
2. Choose a theme

3. Choose a domain

4. Select a free plan

5. Create your account

6. Customize your blog

7. Create your first blog post

The purpose of this tutorial,  I’m going to learn you how to set up a blog on, the free version of the WordPress platform.

While this platform is a fantastic option for beginning bloggers, it does have its limitations and drawbacks,  which I’ll go through later in this blog.

Secret: self-hosted WordPress is the best and preferred options for most people. In this article,  I shall show you how can buy a custom self-hosted WordPress blog for under 300 a month.

How to WordPress. com is starting a blog for free

WordPress is the best place to start a free blog because,  with few exceptions,  the platform is powerful and user-friendly in the paid version.

The first step to creating a free blog is to head to the homepage and choose the “start with free “options From the bottom of the page.

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How to create blog free

2. How to Choose a theme

This next step is most important for making an attractive blog. This is also important for getting Google Adsense approval.

Many sites provide the best free theme. You can use the Minima 3d theme, it is one of the best free themes. It changes the attractive look your blog post.

3. How to Choose a domain

The next step is to set up your free blog by choosing a domain name. Your domain name should be short to rank in google page.

Some domain as .com,  .in  .org is the most valuable domain. But for that domain, you must pay the charge. You can purchase a domain from etc.

Many domains are free of cost available example tk, ml, XYZ etc are free but valuable domain.

4. Select a free plan

Next, you will select plans. Three plans are available that is are free plan, premium plan, and business plan.

Select a free plan for now. It will provide you with a high-quality free blog, that allows you to publish an article.

5. How to Create your account on WordPress

On the next step, you will be asked your email address and choose the username and password. You can create a new email address or your personal email address.
When you will complete this section, then you will be redirected of new WordPress home site.

6. Choose the WordPress icon

At the new home screen, you can choose the WordPress icon for your blog.

This will allow you to visit your blog crowd, change your theme,  add plugins and add the purchase or alter domain name.

7 Post your first blog post

Ones you have to customize your blog, you can start adding your first blog post.
From the sidebar from your home screen locate the Publish section and New Page.

8.How to add the level of our posts

You can use a level to organize your blog. This is the part that you tell about your blog. You can add more than one level for your post. In your dashboard, you can find your level next to the title.
How to create blog free
Your readers can find your levels In your post and use them to filter your content.

9. Add images and videos to your blog

You can add images and videos any blogging post that you create.

This step gives your blog to be an attractive template. You can easily attract the viewer at your post.

10. Manage your comments

You can manage who can comment and what kind of comments the reader leave in your blog post in blogger. You can also comment on their comments.

11. View, Follow or Comment on a blog

If you are looking at a blog and you notice that you are signed in to the wrong account, try signing out and signing back.

You can follow the following step to view comment or follow on a blog

  • On your screen, go to bloggers.
  •  In the top right, click your profile image.
  • Click sign out
  • Sign in to the account you want to use

Go back to the blog you want to view, follow or comments on.


Now that you have learned that it is possible to start a blog with free, there are better options you are well on your way to blogging success.


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