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Friends, when you start an business online, you will not want to spend a lot of time or a lot of money on marketing or content creation. But don’t worry I have some examples of executive summaries for business plans.
 In the beginning, you do not even want any content to crushed by creators or meet hands with another company. This costs you a lot of money.
Whenever someone starts his business, he is afraid to start investing more money in the beginning so that his money does not get drowned.
list of app stores
List of app stores
There are many lists of app stores, with the help of which you can do all these works by yourself and that too in a very short time.
You will find many such apps online, by which you can sell your products for free and you can grow your online marketing companies for free.
Today I am going to tell you about 10 such apps, with the help of which you can make your online business or reselling business very easy. These are such apps that will help you a lot in starting your own online business.
So let’s start…


On these platforms, a lot of work can be done for free such as creating online content, making images for free. It is used in business terms. This is not a mobile application but it is a web application. It is also a website but it is quite easy. Any people can easily edit on it.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
If you want to create some images for your company or if you want to print a pamphlet to give information about some new offers to some products, then you can help from Editing photos from these platforms is very easy.
You can also make content on it and if you already have any content, you can easily edit it. With the help of this website, you can easily convert your text into PDF format. This app helps you to promotion in business.

2. Follower Assistant :

Friends, if you do business online, then you must to do marketing on Instagram. You will definitely have pages on Instagram that you will do marketing.
Most people follow or unfollow on Instagram for marketing their online business. They follow all the targeted accounts first and then unfollow them all.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
But you must be well aware that it is very easy to follow but it is very difficult to unfollow. It takes a long time to unfollow.
But if you download the Follower Assistant App, then you can unfollow many people at once with just one click. Yes, you have to set your account in this and fix your target how many accounts you want to unfollow. The maximum you can unfollow 250 people at a time. By using this method, you can grow your Instagram account very fast.

3. Post-Apphi:

If you do business online, then you must be marketing your business on Instagram.
But many people have a problem that they find it very difficult to post their products on Instagram or they do not have enough time to post their products.
Some people who have business growth have many business accounts on their Instagram. In such a situation, it takes a lot of problems for them to post their post in a timely manner.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
If you are also facing all these problems then this app is best for you. It can post all your products on all your Instagram accounts very easily.
This app is available in both a paid version and a free version. If your business is growing, then you can take the paid version of it. On this, you can simultaneously post their multiple products to multiple accounts.
You have to upload all your products on this app and together set it how much you want to post on all your Instagram accounts. It automatically posts all the targeted products on your Instagram accounts.

4. Credit :

 Friends, you posted about your products on Instagram, but if the customer has to buy your products, then they want to connect from your WhatsApp number.
Many people save their customer’s numbers in a group so that they can update their own future products.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
But the biggest problem with them is that they are not able to update them regularly about their products. Because it does not have a future in What’s up the app so that it can update automatically to the customer. Which means that there is no automation system in the form.
In such a situation, this app removes all these problems. This app automatically sends all the content given by you to all your groups or all contacts. You just put your contents in it and decide who to send these contents to.  This app completes all those tasks easily.

5. Clip stack :

 If you are doing online business, then you have to answer the questions asked by the customer.
You must have noticed that many customers are asking as some questions. you feel very confused about repeating the same answer or you do not even have enough time to be able to reply to all the people.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
In such a situation, this app can remove all these problems from you. On this app, you can save any answer in a template form and keep it.
Whenever a customer asks you any questions, you can copy-paste those answers from this App. This saves you a lot of time.

6. GB What’s Up :

This is a clone application of a What’s up.
Friends, if you are running WhatsApp, then you will be well aware that you can send messages to only 5 people at once. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to do marketing through WhatsApp.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
All of us would like that together we can tell more and more people about our products. So that we can save a lot of time.
If you also want to remove these problems then GB what’s Up is a better option for you. Through this application, you can send a lot of messages to as many people at once.

7. FreshBooks :

This application makes your bookkeeping a lot easier. This app is pretty much the most popular invoice tracking and management app amongst freelance business owners and owners of small businesses.
FreshBooks can accept credit cards on your mobile phone, you can create invoices that look professional and that incorporate your logo where applicable.

8. adapt :

Adapt is a mobile application that helps you to manage your business contacts effectively. If your contacts also use that same app, then if they can update their details any time and this will also be reflected in your phone contact directory.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
Isn’t it splendid! Let us know it with a near-eye for more info! By this app, if existing contacts change their numbers, then it will be also changed to your phone by the app without them calling to notify you.
For example, if they’ve changed their contacts like email, office address, or even business name, the new details will automatically override the existing ones which you already have stored.

9. BoxMeUp :

If your company is in the retail or wholesale business, then this app is perfect for you. Yes, Boxmeup enables you to keep on the tabs of your orders and items easily stored out and you can organize them in a particular order.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
If you wonder about the content of your packages at any time, you can easily print QR labels with the help of this app and also scan with your smartphone. Boxmeup is free to use the application, although it is not available on the iPhone, you can still use the mobile website and enjoy its features.

10. Mail Chimp :

Friends, email marketing is very important to grow your online business fast. This is a good medium for direct connection from your customer.
Friends, if you are doing digital marketing, then you must download this application. It is both an application and a website.
examples of executive summaries for business plans
List of app stores
Through this application, you can save your customers’ id. Whenever you have a new product, you can send messages directly to your customer’s email address. By this application, you can send an email to around 2000 people at once.


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