What are blue chip stocks

What Are Blue Chip Stocks | List Of 10 Blue Stocks Company

What are blue chip stocks

Blue chip stocks are stocks in which there is very little chance of loss. People believe in blue-chip stock so much that they put money without thinking.

Friends, if you want to invest in the stock market, then you need to know what are blue chip stocks and where does the use of this term? You need to know why this term is used, what is the reason for behind it?

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what are blue chip stocks?

Friends, the word blue chip is actually derived from the Poker game. Among the chips in that company, the colour of the high-value chip is blue.

Similarly, whatever stocks are of high value, the stock of which the chance of falling value is very low, then that quality stock is called blue-chip stock.

Blue-chip stocks are stocks that give all the companies in their sector to be the right direction. These stocks are the leaders of their sector. In the same direction in which blue chip stocks go, other companies of that sector also go in that direction.

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What are Blue Chip Stocks

These stocks have some special character or some special conditions so that we can call them blue chip stocks. Only seeing the good performance of this stock of last year, it would be wrong to call it blue chip stock.

Many people misuse this word in this market. If any stock is doing a good performance for the last few years, then it is blue chip stocks for them. But it is wrong.

Friends, blue chip stocks are considered relatively safe. They give more returns than other stocks. Friends, it is believed that this is a high growth company. (more…)

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